You Can Stop Snoring Five Home Remedies

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Mild snoring is not a serious disease needing costly drugs or hospital visits. In most cases you can end snoring, inexpensively and at home. Heavy snoring, however, is an indication of a serious sleep issue. If you find yourself sleepy or fatigued all day regardless of how many hours you are asleep, you may be suffering from sleep apnea or some other illness. If so talk to your doctor.

Perhaps the easiest remedy for snoring is to establish good sleep habits. Studies show that sleeping on your back greatly enhances the likelihood of snoring. When lying lying on your back, your tongue and soft palate are pulled straight down, restricting airflow. If you're not comfortable on your side, try sleeping on your stomach or raise the head of your bed 4 to 6 inches.

Your pillow is also critical; you need a Goldilocks thickness. Sleeping with no pillow, several pillows, or a too-thick pillow case can put your throat at an angle, restricting airflow. You may also want to try special anti-snoring pillows.

Nose congestion and throat irritation also can cause snoring. Decongestant nasal aerosols may seem like a good idea, however , if used for more than a couple of days they frequently cause a rebound effect and make loud night breathing even worse. Here's some better tips.

Breath some steam (not too hot!) or utilize a humidifier. Saline (salt water) sprays may also be good for loosening nose along with sinus mucus, making inhaling easier and reducing the chances of snoring.

Honey is great for soothing the throat. Several studies show this also helps alleviate snoring. And it's actually a great treat. You can slowly and gradually eat a teaspoon or so of honey, mix it in hot water, or add it to your favorite tea. Or dip your favorite fruit in it.

Nose strips are available in nearly all pharmacies and even large supermarkets. They stick to the outside of your nose to gently pull your nostrils out bit wider. This is if nose obstructions are a large part of your snoring problem and may let you avoid the expense and discomfort of surgery. They also help when you have blockage from a cold or allergy symptoms.

These 5 home remedies to prevent snoring all work simply by opening up your airways. When breathing in is unrestricted, soft tissues are unlikely to vibrate creating those dreaded snores while sleeping. Most people can get snoring relief without a trip to the physician's office. But loud snoring (especially if you or your partner notices you gasping for air or you are tired all day) can indicate a serious problem that requires any doctor's attention.
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You Can Stop Snoring Five Home Remedies

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This article was published on 2010/12/30