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Snoring evokes a variety of images and one of the most common descriptions is that of an irritated bed partner! Yes, through the ages, snoring has constantly evolved with the human beings. People snore for a variety of reasons, but it is caused by constant vibration of the soft tissue of the throat when you breathe and air passes under pressure through the constricted air passages. Most of the snores can be mild noises to harsh ear splitting snores that can keep the partner awake throughout many nights. Most people just take it in their stride and ignore the whole issue but for many others it causes irreparable damage to their relationships.

The common thread through numerous divorces leads to snoring being the bud for most fights. It all starts when the spouse starts to snore and the non snoring spouse gets disturbed. Over a long period, sleep deprivation sets in for both. To get a good night's rest either the non snoring partner shifts to a separate room which in turn leads to a distancing amongst most couples as the intimacy is lost or both partners start suffering from interrupted sleep patterns, resulting in onset of health hazards.

Most sleep deprived couples end up with mood swings, irritated behaviour, low concentration, heightened levels of stress and low productivity. These ongoing squabbling tends to increase over time resulting in breakages of a marriage and relationships. If you are facing these issues in your relationship, it is time to take positive action. For researching a good snoring cure, you must start off with finding the real reason for your snoring.

You might want to learn whether your snoring has been caused by respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or due to seasonal allergens. Snoring is also caused by excess weight gain, sinus, allergies and jaw and palate misalignment. Smoking and drinking alcohol also affects and increases snoring. People who are overweight tend to have fine layers of fat encircling their throat region and when they lie down, these layers of fat pressurize the air passages. Snoring is also aggravated by excess dairy products in your diet, so might want to cut out on milk and related products to see whether it helps eliminates snoring.

After introspection on your snoring causes, you can try out a variety of anti snoring remedies to help you eliminate snoring.

Over the years, intense snoring research has led to many clinical trials and numerous effective methods to stop snoring have been evolved. Most of the remedies are available over the counter in drug stores and in supermarkets. You must realize that snoring is a serious sleep disorder that can lead to being at a high risk for hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and sleep apnea. You might have to try out a variety of nasal and throat sprays and drops to find out the best one for your snoring. It is not necessary that every remedy suits everyone but there are numerous methods out there to help you.

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Stop Snoring FAQ

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This article was published on 2010/03/27