Snoring Wife - Is it Embarrassing?

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Most people consider snoring to be an embarrassing issue and more so, if you are a woman and snoring every night. It is a general trend to consider snoring to be associated with men but it may come as a surprise to many that women snore as often! Snoring is a universal phenomenon that has existed ever since human beings came to inhabit the earth because the physical structure of the human body has not changed over eons.

The major reason for snoring is the physical issues such as a narrow jaw, loose throat muscles that tend to make the tongue fall back into the throat, blocking proper air passages. Comparing the latest research that has brought about the fact that both men and women tend to snore equally with advancing age, it has been emphasised that this is due to weight gain in later years. The statistics provided show that within the age group of 30 to 35 years group, 21% males and about 6% females were snoring on a daily basis but within the age group of 60 and over nearly 60% men and over 40% women were habitual snorers.
The worst part about snoring is that a couple suffers together as the snorer has constant interrupted sleep pattern, while the non snoring spouse has to listen to the noise. So whether the husband snores or the wife, sleep deprivations sets in quickly as the snorer is usually tired from not getting enough sleep and the non snorer cannot sleep from all that noise.

It gets worse when the wife snores because apart from the sleep deprivation that she suffers, she needs to multitask each day and requires every ounce of energy to get her workplace, family and household jobs that require her loving care. Sleep deprivation oftentimes leads to undue interference within your lives whether you are aware of its dreadful consequences or not. It also leads to unnecessary fights and mood swings that affect a marital relationship adversely.

The best way to stop this is to first consider that snoring is an issue that is creating a wedge. Sometimes, spouses do not take it seriously that they snore so badly that the bed partner is keeping awake. If this is a case with your wife also, just record it when she snores and let her hear it! That will end the argument.
It is also a good idea to narrow down the reason for your spouse's snoring. There may be many reasons why she snorers and the reasons vary with each individual problem. Some people snore due to obesity, respiratory diseases or allergies, while others might be snoring due to high intake of diary products which leads to mucous formation that blocks the nasal passages and causes sinusitis. Most doctors recommend a change of diet, proper exercise and using non invasive anti snoring products. Most of these cheap anti snoring products such as anti snoring drops, throat sprays, nasal drops, nasal strips and chin straps can be bought at over the counter drug stores easily to get a full night's rest for both of you.

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Snoring Wife - Is it Embarrassing?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31