How to Prevent Snoring Naturally in 5 Easy Steps

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Most of us snore at times, for a variety of reasons. But there are many of us who's snoring is so constant and so loud that it seriously affects the sleep of others. So not only is the snorer's health affected because they don't get the proper sleep cycle, their partner's health is, in many ways, even more affected.

And mentally things can get so bad that partnerships can break-up. That's why it's so important to prevent snoring at night, not just for you and your partner's health, but also for your relationship. And if you can prevent snoring naturally, then all the better.

But, in order to prevent snoring naturally, you need to become familiar with the causes of snoring: Snoring is caused when your airways become constricted so that your air in and out has to move faster. And, because of this restriction, the air flows in a turbulent manner. This 'buffeting' causes the soft tissue in the airways to vibrate, thus causing the sounds of snoring.

Your airways can become constricted when you sleep due to the 'relaxing' of your muscles in and around your airways. When this happens the soft tissue can move into them and constrict them. This is why you don't snore when awake, because your muscles aren't relaxed and hold the soft tissue in place.

So the key to preventing snoring is to prevent the soft tissue from moving into your airways. Here are 5 top tips to prevent snoring naturally at night...

1. Don't eat a large meal within 3 to 4 hours of going to bed. If you go to bed with a large meal that hasn't been properly digested you'll put undue pressure on your diaphragm which in turn puts pressure on your airway.

2. Don't drink alcohol before bedtime, or take certain drugs. Alcohol is a depressant which causes additional relaxation. The same goes for certain drugs which have sedative effects. But speak to your doctor before stopping any medication.

3. Sleep on your side. Many of the worst snorers sleep on their back. This causes the lower jaw to fall back and down. This causes pressure on the airway. If you can't sleep on your side naturally then you can get special devices to wear around your waist that forces you on to your side. You can get special snore pillows as well.

4. Lose some weight. Even being slightly overweight can mean that your neck and jowls are fleshier than they were. So get some exercise for overall weight loss, plus, exercise to get rid of your double chin.

5. Investigate stop snoring devices. These can help a lot if you get the one that's right for you. There are snore pillows, stop snoring mouthpieces, snoring chin straps, nasal strips, special earplugs for your partner, etc.

So try these 'how to prevent snoring' tips and see how they work for you. And see below...

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How to Prevent Snoring Naturally in 5 Easy Steps

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This article was published on 2010/11/04