Find out causes of snoring for an effective remedy!

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In some instances, by the long suffering spouse, it has even lead to the filing of divorce papers.

So, what are the causes of snoring?

Happening in the part of air passage, where the back of the throat and tongue meets with the soft palate and uvula, snoring is as a result of the obstruction of air flow - both inhale and exhaust. The poorly toned or weakened muscles of throat and tongue, the basic cause of the obstruction, which may block the free passage of air during every breath when in a relaxed state may sway into the airway. There are different ways to stop snoring one needs to visit a qualified doctor for this purpose.

Due to a variety of reasons, the weakening of muscles can happen, a few of which are:

o Obesity. Especially while the person is lying down, the fat deposits around the neck and throat of obese people may exert some amount of pressure on the airway, eventually leading to snoring, blocking the free air flow in and out.

o Causing it to block the airway while sleeping, alcohol or medications like sleeping pills and anti-histamines causes the muscles in the throat to relax.

o Again due to the very same basic reasons, smoking and sinusitis can also cause snoring.

o Treatments can be less effective in cases where snoring is found to have a genetic trait.

o Inducing snoring, the size of the pillow is another factor. That is, sometimes to the extent of obstructing the air passage, especially while lying on the back, if the pillow size is larger, it increases the angle of the neck.

o Leading to high decibel snoring, like in the case of sinusitis, certain allergies can cause congestion in the nose and the airway. When the person already has the habit of snoring, this effect is more apparent.

o A substantial influence on snoring can also be exerted to a certain extent, the diet a person follows. In this case, courtesy fatty food items such as milk and milk products, the blockage of air passage is caused due to the excessive production of mucus.

To conclude, especially if the spouse of the person concerned is very adjusting and cooperative, snoring may appear to be a non-issue. Of course, to realize that snoring is not that simple a problem, one must be prudent enough, and if left untreated, it can possibly lead to other complications such as heart attacks and strokes. Hence, consider undergoing a medical check-up if anyone of you is having the habit of snoring in slumber on a safer side.


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Find out causes of snoring for an effective remedy!

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Find out causes of snoring for an effective remedy!

This article was published on 2013/06/20